What Is Fusion Coin?

Fusion Coin is a new digital currency, limited to thirty million coins that can readily be exchanged into other digital currencies and used anywhere in the world.
Fusion Coin was born to fuse the world of digital currency with real money, the goal being to provide a new form of asset diversification.
We will be engaging in a variety of activities to make this a reality

Our Vision

Fusion Coin is based in Singapore and will be rolled out primarily in Europe.
We expect its value to increase as the number of users grows.
Having just been launched on January 9, 2017, Fusion Coin can currently be purchased at a price near its lowest value, so there is little risk of any serious decline in value.
Fusion Coins are issued as Ripple IOUs, so their value holds up.
As transactions among users increase, it will also be possible to make money through trading.


Fusion Coin as Speculation and as an Investment

Only 30 million Fusion Coins will be issued. As the market expands and transactions among users increase, their value is likely to rise.
They may also become more cash-like.
We are also planning to tie-up with various card companies so that it will be easy to hold Fusion Coin as an asset.
Since Fusion Coins can be changed into Bitcoins and Ripple IOUs, their value can be transferred in accordance with the market conditions at the time, potentially yielding additional returns.
We plan to issue press releases from time to time in order to expand the Fusion Coin market.