Fusion Partners is the management company for “Fusion Coin,” a new cryptocurrency limited to 30 million coins that can be readily exchanged into USD and used anywhere in the world.

Management Company Summary

Company Name
Kenji Manno
Head Office Address
Sharjah Media City, Sharjah, UAE
April, 2015

Profile of Executives

Kenji Manno


Former CEO of Bitcoin Japan. A businessman who has focused on virtual currencies since 2012, when awareness of Bitcoin was still low in Japan, and a friend of Roger Ver, an American businessman who is said to have brought bitcoin to Japan. Entrusted by Chris Larsen, president of Ripple in August 2013 to oversee the initial sales of Ripple in Japan. He formed FUSION PARTNERS LLC together with Akihiko Matsuyama, COO, and developed Fusion Coin.

Matsuyama Akihiko


Born in 1980. Founder of several private companies and corporations in Japan and overseas. Met Kenji Manno in 2012, and oversaw the growth of Ripple in Japan from 2014. Participated in the founding of FUSION PARTNERS LLC in 2015, and created the product name, Fusion Coin.


Lisbon Branch Manager

Born in 1982. Introduced to bitcoin by Jeremy French.
Currently based in Lisbon, Portugal and involved in promoting awareness of Fusion Coin throughout Europe.