FEATUREThe Features of Fusion Coin

This is about features of our new currency, “Fusion Coin,”
starting from the background to its creation and launch in 2016.


Provide highly reliable financial services,
accessible for everyone in the world,
and connect individuals.



Mobile Decentralized Crypto-Fiat Hybrid Bank

With blockchain technology,
implement innovative technologies to traditional banking system,
and provide secure and reliable financial services globally.

  • Banking with
    Fusion Coin

  • Banking with

  • Banking with
    Fiat Money

  • Banking with Gold,
    Silver and other financial

  • Bank brunch
    in London

What is Fusion Coin?

Fusion Coin is a cryptocurrency can be used worldwide and easily.*1 It’s limited to 30 million coins that can be exchanged quickly and conveniently with other virtual currencies worldwide.

※1 After marching you can deposit in USD

The Three Features of Fusion Coin


Issuance Limited to 30 Million Coins

Fusion Coin has an upper limit of 30 million coins in circulation. The currency’s scarcity value is increased by having a fixed maximum issue amount, and incorporates a key advantage of bitcoin in that it is structured to ensure that its price rises. In other words, there is plenty of upside for a continued increase in value, making Fusion Coin a currency with outstanding growth potential.


Successful Negotiated Trades

Virtual currencies rise in value as users become more confident in using them through negotiated trades. Many currencies cease to exist because they are not traded. Fusion Coin is a cryptocurrency which is seen as trustworthy and reliable, and hence is widely traded through negotiated trades in the market.


Ability to Choose Between Four Deposits and Three Withdrawals

In Japan few virtual currencies can be bought with anything other than cash. However, Fusion Coin is issued as a Ripple IOU, and can be bought with Ripple or bitcoin. Bitcoin is now widely used in everyday life in the U.S., and this trend is also likely to spread to Japan. In this respect, it is a highly versatile currency.

Attractive as a Speculative Investment


Attractive as a Speculative Investment

Fusion Coin has a maximum issuance limit and is notable for its wide fluctuations in value. As a newly launched currency, similar to the rapidly-growing bitcoin, Fusion Coin has the potential for strong price growth in future.


Investment Diversification

Similar to other virtual currencies, Fusion Coin also has the potential to appreciate significantly in value if it is held over the long-term. Additionally, since it uses the trusted Ripple IOU, it is a useful way of diversifying one’s assets.

The Story Behind the Creation of Fusion Coin

The “Fusion” cryptocurrency originally developed from a simple notion: “If we package up the good points of all current mainstream virtual currencies to form a new currency, will this create value?”

The growth of virtual currencies began with Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper, and it was the natural curiosity of volunteers such as Kenji Manno that underpinned their further development. Fusion Coin was born from the passion and unique ideas and innovations of people.

Fusion Coin’s Vision

Fusion Coin is a cryptocurrency with the role of “enriching Japanese people.” People all over the world have benefited from Japanese products and companies. By creating a market for our currency to be owned in Japan, and implementing a strategy of overseas expansion to increase its value, we are committed to ensuring that Fusion Coin continues to grow, both in Japan and in the rest of the world.