TRAJECTORY & ROADMAPThe Growth Trajectory and Roadmap of Fusion Coin

The trajectory of Future Coin’s growth and our vision for its future.

  • 2012.02
  • 2015.01
  • 2015.04
  • 2017.01
  • Phase01
  • Phase02
  • Phase03
  • Phase04
  • December, 2012

    First Encounter with a Cryptocurrency

    Our CEO, Kenji Manno, first came across bitcoin when he was given a single bitcoin by Roger Ver, who is known as one of the original cryptocurrency millionaires. At that time, bitcoin was used as a casual means for friends to pay for food and meals. As the value of bitcoin rose, they felt that “Bitcoin needed a proper environment for growth,” and established Bitcoin Japan.

  • January, 2015

    The Development of Fusion Coin

    Fusion Coin began from a simple notion: “Wouldn’t it be interesting to create a currency that fuses only the good points of other virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ripple?” This was when confidence in virtual currencies had fallen to new lows following the Mt. Gox incident. However, we were keen for the growth of virtual currencies to continue so that we could spread the value of virtual currencies.

  • April, 2015

    Establishment of Fusion Partners

    At the time, public awareness of virtual currencies in Japan was low, and not much information in Japanese was available on them. Kenji Manno felt that it was important to communicate the attractions and trustworthiness of Fusion Coin and virtual currencies in general in a way that was easy for Japanese people to understand. He established Fusion Partners in Singapore, where virtual currencies were already legally recognized.

  • January, 2017

    Opening up the Market

    Approximately 70% of Fusion Coin was issued as of January 2017 and made available in the market. The currency has been traded via negotiated trades and those who acquired it when it was first launched have achieved profits of 3-4x the initial value.

  • Phase01




    • Traditional Bank

      Crypto → OFFLINE

      COLD Storage, Concierge ServiceStore Hardware Wallet LEDGER, TREZOR

    • Traditional Bank

      Crypto → GOLD

      PARTNER with Gold company Crypto to GOLD DIGX, GLOBALGOLD

    • Traditional Bank

      Crypto → FIAT

      Conduct M&A with banks, provide currency exchange service between crypto currency and legal currency

  • Phase02


    • DEBIT Card

      PARTNER with MONACO, TENX debit card providers

    • MOBILE wallet

      PARTNER with Mobile Wallet company like

    • MOBILE app

      DEVELOP a Mobile App for clients to check balance

    • MOBILE Bank

      Conversion for Crypto to Fiat Crypto to Gold

  • Phase03


    • Crypto LENDING

      PARTNER with Platform for crypto lending

    • Crypto LENDING

      PARTNER with Platform crypto lending

    • Corporate LENDING

      PARTNER with For lending, invoice financing

    • Fiat LENDING

      Traditional bank loans, fiat loans

  • Phase04



      PARTNER with Platform for investing


      PARTNER with KOMODO trading


      PARTNER with For payment processing

    • DEX Bank

      Decentralize banking services